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  • David Flores

    David Flores Co-Founder, President & CEO, BioCentury

    Lesson from Boston. Biocluster success factor

    - Co-Founder, President & CEO, BIOCENTURY
    - Advisory Board, Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO) at Northwestern University Advisory Council, Keck Graduate Institute of the Applied Life Sciences
    - Management Board, Stanford Graduate School of Business
    - Co-Founded BioCentury with Karen Bernstein
    - MBA, Stanford University.
    - University of California at Berkeley

  • Michael Chen

    Michael Chen Head of External Innovation APAC, MERCK KGaA

    MERCK's Innovative New Drug Pipeline and Global Strategy, Trends of European Bio Clusters

    - Head of External Innovation APAC for MERCK KGaA
    - Business Development/investment, WuXi AppTec and ChemPartner
    - Lead Research projects at Spirogen Ltd./MedImmune (UK)
    - PhD in Biochemistry, Imperial College London
    - MS in cancer immunotherapy, University of Nottingham
    - BS in cell and molecular biology, University of Essex

  • Sharon Chan

    Sharon Chan Head JLABS @ Shanghai, Johnson and Johnson

    Johnson and Johnson JLABS: Building an innovative ecosystem

    - Board Director, Right 2 Thrive, New York and Kenya
    - Head of Asia at Aeras, Beijing
    - Business Development roles at Baxter Healthcare in Shanghai and Sosei in London
    - MPH, Johns Hopkins University at Bloomberg School of Public Health
    - MBA, IE Business School, Madrid
    - DPhil, MBioChem, University of Oxford

  • 강석연

    Suk Yun Gang Director, Biopharmaceuticals and Herbal Medicine Bureau, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

    Escalating biocluster, What are the changes from Advanced Biotechnology Act

    - Director, Biopharmaceuticals and Herbal Medicine Bureau, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    - Chief, Biopharmaceutical Policy Division, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    - Chief, Narcotics Policy Division, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    - BS, MS, PhD from College of Pharmacy, Chung-Ang University

  • 김태억

    Kim Tae Eok KDDF Director

    Taking a deep breath to Bio industry, wisdom to overcome the crisis

    - Chief Business Officer, Korea Drug Development Fund
    - Chief Science Officer,, Minsrtry of Food and Drug Safrty
    - CEO, K2B
    - Senior PM, INNOPOLIS Foundation
    - Senior Researcher, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology
    - PhD in Economics, University of Leeds
    - Masters in Economics, The University of Manchester

  • Kim Tae Eok

    Changjoon Justin Lee Director of IBS Center for Cognition and Sociality

    Targeting reactive astrocyte to develop Alzheimer's disease drugs.

    - Director, Center for Cognition and Sociality, IBS
    - Director, Brain Science Institute, KIST
    - Editor-in-chief, Experimental Neurobiology
    - Faculty researcher, KU-KIST Graduate School
    - Professor, University of Science and Technology
    - PhD, Columbia University
    - B.S. in Chemistry, The University of Chicago